Customer Testimonials

Completely reliable installation as well as great customer service.

I thank you for our 17KW Full House Automatic Standby Generator that has come on several times as lightning struck the utility pole outside my house and took the electricity out of about ten homes. I wanted to thank you for helping me find my cell phone when you came to service my generator. I had just mowed two acres of grass before I noticed it was not in my pocket. I had walked with my portable landline phone and could not find it. God must have heard your prayer and lead me to it. A1 Electric is very lucky to have such a helpful worker in their company. I thank you so much for helping me when I needed it.

-Janice V. (Knox, NY)

Repair service to a failed generator above the call to duty.

I need to thank you so much for the repair services on out Generac 22KW Whole House Generator that failed during a very hot and humid day when the power failed in East Greenbush for several hours. When I called Bill, He was traveling about from hour from our house; but he immediately turned around and made a service call at our house. You consistently provided outstanding results through your untiring efforts and professional ability to diagnosis the cause of failure. Bill's initiative and perseverance, at no cost to us, repaired our generator and bringing it back online. Bill applied this thorough knowledge of the vast intricacies of the Generac to efficiently and effectively overcome the issue that the gas line to the generator had been almost shut off by mistake, from workers on our landscaping, allowing the generator to run weekly tests on itself; but not able to handle the load of the house during power failure. Bill's exemplary performance reflects great credit upon himself and A1 Electric. Bill, I thank you again.

-Robert S. (East Greenbush, NY)

High level of expertise, quality work, fair pricing and flexibility in scheduling.

Bill is a highly knowledgeable, talented professional who is a pleasure to do business with. As a licensed electrical contractor and talented home construction craftsman, Bill worked with us to accomplish the following: Replaced main electrical service panel, Added a generator subpanel, Wired up all electrical fixtures and outlets in new construction, Rerouted the kitchen and bathroom plumbing, Addressed issues with existing wiring and plumbing. While this list is impressive, it is noteworthy considering the difficulties encountered when tying together new construction with old. As we expanded and updated our thirty-year-old home, Bill identified defects and provided safe, sound solutions to overcome these deficiencies. We appreciate the services provided for us by Bill and his crew. In summary, they provided a high level of expertise, quality work, fair pricing and flexibility in scheduling. We look forward to using his services in the future as we continue to upgrade our home.

-Dave N (Schenectady, NY)

A1 Electric is an A+ Contractor!

I highly recommend A1 Electric and 'Bill's Crew' for the significant level of in-depth knowledge and experience with the Generac product and the installation process. I was also impressed with their "A plus" quality work, fair pricing, punctual work ethic as well as turn-around and flexibility during installation of our Generac generator. I give my HIGHEST Endorsement to Bill and his team of professionals and I will follow that up by saying I do not need to look any further than for any future generator or electric work.

-Phil H. (Scotia, NY)